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Rebecca Reynolds

Cancellation Policy

We care about you and your family and understand emergencies arise that may result in you needing to cancel your upcoming services. Please contact us immediately and we will reschedule you at no charge.

We ask for your understanding of our Social Conscious practices. As a small company we are reliant on a steady income, and our cleaning professionals count on a reliable pay check to feed their families and care for their own needs. For these reasons we guarantee our team’s income so that we can show our respect for their needs and also hire and retain the very best for your needs.

We guarantee your home to be cleaned on the date and time specified. The only deviations from this would be a holiday, severe illness, or, in keeping with our socially conscious policies.

Providing our service providers with healthy work environments, the lack of air conditioning during very hot weather. In these cases, following day service or a time agreed upon by both parties will be set in place for rescheduling.

Your cleaning schedule will continue even during your vacations. Please leave a check or money order on the counter dated for your normally scheduled cleaning date.

Non emergency cancellations of less than 24 hours notice will be charged a nominal two-hour rate of $70.00 in accordance with our Social Conscious practices as listed above. Thank you for your understanding of our need to provide a steady income for our teams.

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