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Rebecca Reynolds

Our Sustainable Story

Green Clean was forging the way towards changing the standard in the cleaning industry from toxic to safe long before sustainability became “trendy”.

Sustainability is a journey, and the more we are able to move closer to sustainable practices, both financially, and physically, we do. Doing our best is our commitment to you, and the earth.

Our office

  1. Painted with Sherwin Williams, Harmony low VOC paint
  2. Paint colors chosen to energize, yet provide peacefulness for employees and Bamboo flooring installed (renewable, low maintenance, long lasting)
  3. Furniture made from glass, metal, natural materials, and renewable eco friendly materials, from a source that cares about the environment and has an environmental message (For example, IKEA which is committed to low waste, reduced packaging materials, reduced boxes due to innovative design and packing, more products made from renewable sources, less toxic glues and materials, and social conscious policies)
  4. Living plants to clean indoor air, and provide enjoyable surroundings
  5. Water feature to provide a relaxing atmosphere and soothe employees
  6. Organic, fair trade teas are always available for employees and clients
  7. Ceiling fans installed to reduce need for air conditioning in summer months
  8. Work hours are planned around day light hours to reduce electricity and heat usage
  9. Environmentally sound, 100% recycled material, chlorine free toilet paper used in our office
  10. Cloth hand towels are used versus paper towels in office whenever possible
  11. Glasses, glass plates, and silverware are used, washed, and reused in our office kitchen
  12. Recycling center is set up for paper, glass, aluminum
  13. Office waste paper is put through shredder and recycled
  14. All office printer paper is 100% post consumer
  15. Store and office are connected and have an open floor plan so that heat and air can flow easily.
  16. One central filing system is in place to reduce paper usage
  17. Walk Off mats are in place, with proper grade traction to reduce dirt and toxins form entering workspaces.


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