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Rebecca Reynolds

Rebecca’s Story

I had just entered college when I noticed small red dots on my legs, arms and torso, and what appeared to be blood blisters in my mouth. I could not figure out what they were, but I knew I wasn’t feeling well. A visit to a doctor and some blood work gave us the grim answer. I had a rare blood disorder called ITP, and my platelet count was so low that the doctors couldn’t believe I was alive, let alone walking. Thus began a two year period in my life that forever changed me. Bone marrow extraction, hospital stays, high levels of steroids in hopes of reversing the platelet loss, and restricted to my home. For fear of hemorrhaging, I was allowed only car rides to the doctors or hospital, and no where else. The last resort was removing my spleen. This proved to be the life saving answer. Upon recovering enough to take my first self driven car ride in two years, I made my way down to the park I had spent countless hours in as a child. There looking out over Lake Erie, I vowed never to be sick again, and to find out everything I could about health and wellness. It was then that I began my pursuit of living organically.

Three years later, the birth of my first child only further cemented in my mind the need to protect her health and the planet she was going to grow up in. I gave notice at my job, and ended a lucrative career to stay at home caring for my own child and several others; during this time I added cleaning on the side to supplement our income.

Fast forward years later, and two more children, the need to create a better world for them and all children came to me as I finally made the connection between the organic food I was feeding my family and the toxic chemicals I had been cleaning with for years.

I knew I had to find a better way. Night and day I began researching the hazards of chemical cleaners. Trying to get companies to disclose their cleaning chemical ingredients, and discovering that I could make safe, and effective cleaning products in my very own home. Bringing all of the research and hands on experience together, brought me to the beginning of Green Clean.

When I started Green Clean in 2002, I made a promise to myself to run my company by some very strict guidelines. These guidelines are still in place today, and our commitment is stronger than ever. Green Clean is now on the forefront of educating people, businesses, and organizations on the Safe Way to Clean.

Rebecca Reynolds

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