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   So how does a guy like me get to be President of a super cool, green company? It’s a good story and I promise to make it brief.  I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, a fine American town. My connection to the earth started young as I spent most of my time in our local parks living as kids once did, by the street light rule. Back then we did not know it was healthy for us or our environment to be in nature, it is just what we did.
   During college my path changed from just wanting to be in nature, to wanting to protect our Country. I earned my commission as a Army Infantry officer and found myself everywhere from Korea, to Afghanistan, Iraq, and Kuwait learning a lot about that word “Protection” and a lot about different environments. I served ten years in the Military and during my time abroad I partnered with people from many cultures and walks of life. It was during this experience that I also saw a common denominator in every culture that I lived…..everyone, no matter where you are from want a healthy environment for their family.
   When I came home I knew that making a difference in our world was a manditory mission for me. My good fortune led me to meet Rebecca Reynolds, the Founder of Green Clean. Together we made a magical pair, both bringing in our beliefs about health, wellness, community, and environment. There’s more to this story, a lot more. I took over the Presidency of Green Clean which utilized my talents and created our Eco Painting division, adding another avenue of health to our menu. Rebecca, a Certified Health Coach, was then able to do what she does best, guide and inspire people to reach their best health. Wanna know the best part? I married her! I’m pretty sure she is happy I did too.
  We hope you will join us in our mission to bring a healthy community to all.






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