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Along with general household cleaning, Green Clean specializes in deep cleaning needs. Below is a list of some of the specialty cleaning we do that you may like

  1. Detail cleaning of bathrooms (grout & inside of cabinetry)
  2. Detail cleaning of kitchen (inside of cupboards, appliance interiors, grout on kitchen floor)
  3. Detail cleaning of living areas (moving of furniture, wall washing, and blind cleaning).
  4. Window cleaning (inside only unless windows tilt in)
  5. Carpet and upholstery cleaning


Green Clean asks you to inform trustworthy neighbors, neighborhood watch organizations, relatives, and so forth that a housecleaner will be on your property. Doing so can save the police department, neighbors and the housecleaner from an embarrassing situation.

Please notify Green Clean in advance of any person or persons who may be in your home during the time of the housecleaning service, for safety and security purposes. This includes family members, service contractors, repair personnel, and so forth.

Green Clean reserves the right to reschedule visits that coincide with a visit by another service contractor or houseguest (for safety reasons and to ensure a professional job in the time allotted).

Please advise us of any health issues that are transferable or contagious in nature. We also ask that you cap any sharp objects used by you or your family for personal care, such as razors, and other grooming tools.


  1. Give you a set time and set day for cleaning, with a half hour variance to allow for traffic delays and weather conditions. If emergencies arise, we will contact you immediately, and take care of your home as soon as possible on the set day, or reschedule for another day.
  2. Complete all services agreed upon in the designated areas requested. We care about doing the job right. Though no one is perfect, if we do ever make a mistake, your Green Clean team will come back and take care of any concerns. Simply let us know. We thank you for your understanding.
  3. Use only Green Clean products and never use any chemical cleaning products.
  4. Bring in mail and newspapers upon your request.
  5. Provide services to households with pets. In fact, we love animals of all kinds. However, if your pet is aggressive, needs special care, or has accidents when non-family members are around, we ask that you gate or cage your animal for protection of all, and so that our team can provide you and count on.
  6. Keep all of your household information private and never sell or share residential or email addresses, names, telephone number(s) or any other personal information with any other company or outside organizations. In addition, keep your house key and securing codes in a safe location. Privacy and security are extremely important to Green Clean.


  1. Provide services to households during the times that the house is occupied by unsupervised children or teenagers (for safety and insurance reasons)
  2. Operate your motor vehicle, or any household appliances
  3. Let in service people such as water meter readers, UPS drivers, and so forth (for safety and insurance reasons)
  4. Answer your phone or operate your answering machine
  5. Exchange keys with anyone other than contracted clients

*Note: We love pets, but it can be very frustrating to come into a home and find pet accidents (both for you and for our Team). Out of respect for both parties, our team will take care of general clean up of pet accidents if they are found upon entering a home. There is an additional fee for each pet accident clean up of $15.00 which goes directly to our Team in appreciation for their extra effort.


Green Clean will bring a Start up Kit that will remain at your home. It will contain the list of items below and is your insurance that your home is never contaminated with bacteria from other people’s homes.

All products used in your home are natural. However, as with any cleaning products you do not want to ingest them. Please keep away from children.

This “kit” ensures that your cleaning rags, brushes, bucket and gloves are NEVER used on another client’s home (which is customary for other cleaning services). Buckets, brushes and gloves pick up bacteria wherever they are used and can become unsanitary. Your family’s health and safety is always our first concern.

Your Service Provider will put all materials back in the bucket each week and put this in the basement (or other designated area) for the next visit. The cleaning cloths will be left on your washer, or other designated area for you to clean/dry, and place back in the Start Up Kit for our next visit.

Cost of Start Up Kit: $69.00 (price includes tax). Kit includes: Sturdy Bucket, Swiffer Duster extension, Sturdy cleaning brush, Cleaning cloths, and Micro Fiber cleaning cloths, detail cleaning brushes, two pairs of cleaning gloves, and our four pack of safe and effective cleaning products that include Safe Spray, Sparkly Soap, Spotless Bowl, and Safe Scrub.

Your Service Provider will refill your cleaning product containers with our all-natural, chemical free cleaners when they get low. Our free refills are for topping off your products each month so that you always have a ready supply of safe, reliable, and effective cleaning products you can count on. If you love our Green Clean products, and you wish to use them for all your cleaning needs, or share them with a friend, we ask your understanding in a charge for use above general cleaning.

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