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Rebecca Reynolds

The Difference with Green Cleaning Service Providers

  1. Our Service Provider Teams drive in one vehicle per team (an average of three professionals to a team).
  2. Routes for servicing areas are strictly enforced to save fuel.
  3. Paper towels are used only around toilet commode to prevent the use of paper.
  4. We request our clients to purchase non chlorinated, recycled content paper towels.
  5. We suggest that our clients purchase a HEPA filter, bag-less vacuum to prevent indoor air toxins, and to avoid the waste of refill bags for the vacuum.
  6. Micro fiber cloths are used instead of paper towels.
  7. Our Service Teams are trained to dump garbage can liners when able (when there is not wet or soiled items in cans, or when client requests other wise) in order to prevent plastic bag usage.
  8. Cleaning cloths are cleaned by the individual client to prevent cross contamination.
  9. We provide carpet cleaning services, using all natural solutions that protect the indoor air quality and the environment as a whole. Most carpet cleaners are loaded with high levels of chemicals.
  10. We restrict territories for cleaning services. Service Providers are asked to handle territories that are a close distance to their homes.
  11. Company meetings are schedule during times of low traffic to avoid road congestion, and added fuel usage.
  12. Uniforms for our Service Providers are required to be cleaned in non-toxic laundry detergents without the use of toxic dryer sheets.
  13. Our advertising information is specifically designed to use as little paper as possible.
  14. At events, we distribute information only to those that are requesting it, versus mass handouts.
  15. For our clients, we try to be as paperless as possible, sending emails or communicating by phone to avoid paper usage.
  16. We avoid mass mailing, and place ads in reputable, environmentally minded, local magazines who try to maintain high standards for responsible paper usage, and who work towards an environmental and health message.
  17. Our travel is carbon offset by Terrapass

The Difference with Green Clean Products

  1. All of our non-toxic cleaning products are made on site, greatly reducing our environmental imprint.
  2. In addition, our cleaning products are made from readily available, all natural, and organic ingredients that we purchase from a local source.
  3. To further protect natural resources, each product is refillable, either through our Manager when services are being given, or through one of our refill sites. This allows for the sturdy, individual bottle to be used again and again preventing the taxing of overcrowded landfills.
  4. Our products are never tested on animals, and no animal bi-products are used.
  5. Only organic certified organic essential oils are used in our cleaning products.
  6. Our products are made is small batches, assuring their purity

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